Neonlitic1 / Workshop #2

Hamangia culture - a source of artistic inspiration

Workshop #2

From a cultural and artistic point of view, the "neoNlitic" project aims to take over ancient artistic elements and to capitalize on the common cultural heritage and aesthetics of the Neolithic civilizations whose vestiges were discovered in Romania. In particular, the group of artists involved in the project will focus on two nationally and regionally representative cultures: the Cucuteni culture and the Hamangia culture.

On Friday we will discuss the Hamangia culture, we have special guests, the program comprising 3 parts:

Mr. Florian Lucan - painter and professor of fine arts, who will take us into the fascinating and mysterious world of the Neolithic period.

Sasha Meret - visual artist (you can view the portfolio here: - artist presentation and vision

Wood Be Nice - field documentary "The amazing adventures in the country of Hamangia"

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