Neonlitic1 / Workshop #1

Workshop on recycling in artistic creation and environmental impact

Recycling, art upstream, reuse downstream - about the new aesthetic of the ugly and how someone's garbage can become someone else's treasure

The Wood Be Nice association organized on August 17 2018 a workshop on recycling in artistic creation, the concept of upcycling through which waste used for artistic or functional purposes acquires a higher value than the initial product and the impact that these creative approaches have on the environment.

Thus, since the '70s, waste has become a raw material for artists, architects, designers who, in addition to finished products that illustrate how works of art can be born from the potential garbage, also assumes the mission of educating the public, arguing that brought several changes to the recycling process, which are no longer limited to the three Rs - reuse, reduction and recycling.

From functional approaches, such as the "ship-earth" house, which ensures zero lifetime bills, designed by American architect Michael Reynolds or the first hotel in the world made from waste collected from beaches, in a project that promotes the preservation of a clean seaside, implemented by a Mexican beer company, to the interactive project "Transforming the Garbage of Civilization into Art" by Nina Nikiforova where, in addition to exhibitions for sale, at creative workshops the public learns that where they see waste, is born , in fact, art, the concept of upcycling is gaining ground. And the challenge for artists and designers to illustrate a valuable concept encapsulated in an environment of little interest is great.

Workshop guests

Irina Breniuc (journalist, activist and environmental consultant for Zero Waste Romania and, president of the Association for Sustainable Consumption and initiator of the Pimp the garbage project), who will present the concept of upcycling and the upcycling map in Romani.

Adina Magsi (general manager of Alucro / Every Can Counts), who will bring to your attention the creative recycling project "Can Art & Design Festival, the edition with large works" .

Florian Lucan (painter and painting teacher at the Bucharest School of Art) will talk about the artistic current "Arte Povera".

Felicia Ienculescu-Popovici (president of the Greenitiative Association - Green Mogo Center) will give details about the Green Mogo project and the creative recycling workshops .

Misha Diaconu (visual artist specialized in metal sculpture, UAP member) will present works in which he used recovered / recycled materia.

Liliana Stoica (founding artist of Deco-Box) will talk about the integration of recycled wood in art.

There will also be the presentation of the NeoNlitic project, which aims to support and promote artistic production, by capitalizing on the common cultural heritage and reinterpreting the aesthetics of Cucuteni and Hamangia cultures, by modern techniques of artistic production, but also the artists involved (Daniel Loagar, Andrei Cornea, Sasha Meret, Andreea Toma, Irina Maria, Raluca Bajenaru, Marius Gheorghe, Marian Codrea, Beaver Biv, Roxana Tomescu, Lucian Color, Alexandru Claudiu Maxim, Gabriel Marin, Misha Diaconu.

Cultural project co-financed by the National Cultural Fund Administration. The project does not necessarily represent the position of the National Cultural Fund Administration. AFCN is not responsible for the content of the project or how the project results can be used. These are entirely the responsibility of the beneficiary of the funding.